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to everyone that may pass over my journal at some point in their internetting life:

this is, mostly, a friends only journal. get yourself an account and add me if you would actually like to follow my life, or at least, bits of it.

please leave a comment to be added to my friends group !

i think thats all.

now back to my fruitful and juicy writings of everything life related.

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Hellooo ... I've seen you around a lot on [ profile] equestrian, was wondering if I could add you? I've added you to mine already, but no need to add me back if you don't want (I do have a tendancy to spam ... but usually about horses). :)

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ha, i would love you on my friends page! i was sure i have added you already, but if not, consider yourself added!

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play with fire and get burned

my advice for you

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i .... tried. i really did, but i really cant care less.

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hey I saw you on find ljfriends, mind if I add you?

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go ahead :)

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Hi, hope you don't mind if I add you? I'm a friend of [ profile] evil_c's and I'm interested in Lizzie's progress!

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absolutely! i remember thinking i should add you a while back actually, you post nice, normal things on equestrian being one of the reasons, and you type in full sentences! sorry, im being mean to em now :p
will add you back :)

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I do indeed, thank-you if you can send it!!!

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Hiya...may i add you. mainly cos your in UK like me...and not many are!!! I'm Nika 21 female in suffolk. Married with 1 child and another coming!! Nika x

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of course!

[identity profile] 2008-02-12 02:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Bah! I want to see crazy pictures of your beautiful mare!

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aww, would you like an add? :p

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added to friends. ;)

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added back! :)

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Hey, I saw you on nojness page and thought you're cool! Thought I'll add you!

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this is fine- its a pretty horse-orientated journal but im sure you will find some fairly amusing bits for the rest of you normal folk :P

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Hi xD

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I like this theme...

I see you like horses too.. my gf rides, but I think she is gonna give it up too... I dunno. Maybe I should pay more attention?

Anyway, nice journal, I've just started mine, the first few entires are a load of crap, but oh well. They felt good at the time.

Just thought I's say hello... so, um.. hello!

You have some nice pics too. Yes I'm rambling, I'm sorry.

Re: Hi xD

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i have snooped your journal, and despite your rambling, you seem fairly interesting :) youve been added!

and there's no such thing as a good entry- LJ is about posting what you want, not scripted pieces to please and amuse everyone but yourself ;)

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I just added you! I didn't think it made much sense that we are facebook friends and not lj friends!

[identity profile] 2009-03-17 07:12 am (UTC)(link)
of course! i should have realised :s sorry! yay for new friends! :)
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*pokes* did you still want to be friends? Just checkin' :D

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course! :D

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Hi, I was doing a search on people interested in dressage and would like to add you. :)

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ok! hi! :)

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Would you mind if I friended you? I missed what I hear was your awesomeness this weekend at Carrie's but I see you around on snark and eq and such :)

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of course not! :)

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Hope you don't mind if I add you, you seem to be all the places I am. =)

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added! welcome! :)

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adding you as a friend from _equestrian, because I too love dressage ;)

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hello! and welcome, added back. I hope we can both inspire each other then! :)

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could i be added? ta :D

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sure, added if you wanna add me back too!

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Hi, I hope you dont mind me adding you, I see you on Equestrian posts all the time.

[identity profile] 2011-03-16 08:14 pm (UTC)(link)
sure :) hello!

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Hey hello, we have some mutual friends and interests so I added you. :D Add me back?

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hi :) okey doke!